PRAI Membership Benefits  
Member Benefits  
PRAI helps members be better able to grow their business and gain a better understanding of the waste oil industry market place. Members are supported to become more professional. Information and guidance is provided to assist members in being in full compliance of waste legislation and become more technically aware.
PRAI is not just for collectors and processors it is open to those in associated or support industries too.

Allowing members to:
• Work safely
• Keep abreast of ever changing legislation
• Understand how to benefit from recovered materials
• Keep pace with technology
• Gain a better understanding of the market place needs
• Sell your services to industry
• Ability to influence industry
• Share best practice
In addition to those shown above the Association provides specialist help discussion and debate in the field of:
waste derived fuels : recovered lubrication oils : solvents : hazardous wastes from industry : garage and workshop wastes.

All members are offered access to:
• Regular Legislation updates straight to your inbox
• Non-competitive business based meetings, sharing best practice.
• Regular briefings on general industry and technical knowledge
• Workshops for specific legislation changes
• Influence/Lobbying of Government Departments and Competent Authorities
• Contact with other relevant trade bodies
• Listings on PRAI web site allowing you to be found by prospective customers
• Social program – (Annual Meet)