Our Guiding Principles  
Each year, every PRAI member confirms that their company is committed to the PRAI Guiding Principles. It is not a secret that the best national, regional and local companies in the liquid recycling industry belong to PRAI. They are the companies that care enough about being the best, staying informed, supporting good public policy, promoting proper recycling of used oil and are committed to the PRAI Guiding Principles.
The PRAI Guiding Principles

As a member of PRAI, An Association of Responsible Recyclers, our company is committed to management of a sound environmental policy, a high standard of integrity, continual improvement, and the implementation of the following principles in conducting our business activities:

1. We make health, safety, and environmental considerations a top priority in our planning for all existing and new facilities, processes, products, and services.
2. We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
3. We will identify and implement, where practicable, pollution prevention measures, source reduction, and waste minimization that are appropriate to the nature, scale, and environmental impacts of our activities and services.
4. We will participate with government and others in creating responsible laws, regulations, and standards to safeguard our community, workplace, and environment.
5. We will communicate this commitment to responsible recycling and these guiding principles to our employees, customers, and community.
6. We will continually seek opportunities to improve the principles and procedures of responsible recycling by sharing experiences with others and periodically reviewing our overall environmental performance.