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What Is Re-refined Oil?
Used oil is a resource, not a waste.
Re-refined oil is used motor oil that undergoes an extensive re-refining process removing contaminants.
Used oil can be recycled for re-use in its original application as a lubricant or to a product that may be used as fuel or an energy source.
How much useable oil can be recovered from 1 litre of used oil?
Re-refineries recover 75% of base lube oil from each litre of used oil and the heavy oil residue which contains the depleted additives can be added to bitumen for use in road-making or used as a heavy fuel oil.
How many times can used lube oil be recycled?
Used oil can be re-refined indefinitely (it does not wear out).
Does re-refining used oil have an impact on greenhouse gas emissions?
Yes! Re-refining is an energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial method of managing used oil. Re-refining used motor oil takes only 1/3 the energy of refining crude oil to lubricant quality.
The statistic regarding energy efficiency and re-refined oil is derived from the fact that re-refined oil does not need to be:
• explored for/ drilled for
• pumped out of the ground
• shipped/transported hundreds and/or thousands of kilometers
• does not require as many steps in the refining process as crude oil.

Why Recycle?
• Used oil is India’s single largest source of potentially hazardous material if not managed properly.
• Used antifreeze is toxic to people and animals.
• Used oil filters may contain residual used oil and take up valuable landfill space if dumped.
• Used plastic oil/antifreeze/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) containers and pails take up valuable landfill space if dumped and take forever to decompose. Burning gives off dangerous toxins.